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NightWave – Episode 67

NightWave …and all that jazz with John Nate – Episode 67, 28.10.2022

Going down the rabbit hole of synonymy might not be the most sensible thing to do when you talk about music. Still, Episode 67 begs a handful of descriptors: haunting, eerie, and cathartic. It’s been a while since NightWave sounded that dark and goth. Blame it on the foreboding sense of November — this week’s selection from John Nate won’t leave you indifferent. Opening with Blablarism, a Coldwave and Post-punk solo project from Kyiv.

Tracks used:
Blablarism – Saccades
Tropic Of Cancer – Be Brave
All Your Sisters – Tension
The Soft Moon – Answers
Dancing Plague – Cataracts
Xiu Xiu – One Hundred Years

Background music:
SynthKid – Devotion

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