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NightWave – Episode 50

NightWave …and all that jazz with John Nate – Episode 50, 01.07.2022

Ever wondered who the owner of an alluring female voice behind the NightWave jingles is? Time to put cards on the table. She’s Teya Flow, a Ukrainian singer-songwriter representing Electro, Synthwave, and Retrowave. And in Episode 50, Teya is NightWave’s first-ever special guest! So tune in to listen to John Nate’s super fun conversation with Teya Flow about music and life in general, and catch some awesome Synthwave and Retrowave vibes along the way!

Tracks used:
KiRiK & Teya Flow – V Poli Gul (Radio Edit)
ZEFEAR & Teya Flow – NOMAD
V I F & Teya Flow – Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix)
ZEFEAR & Teya Flow – Alone
Michael Elliot & Teya Flow – I Know You
ZEFEAR & Teya Flow – DWY

Background music:
SynthKid – Devotion

Flash FM production, 2022.

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