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NightWave – Episode 44

NightWave …and all that jazz with John Nate – Episode 44, 20.05.2022

NightWave is hitting its first big milestone because this week’s episode is the anniversary episode. First-Year Anniversary of the NightWave show! To celebrate the fact, John Nate satisfies listeners’ curiosity and holds a Q&A session, playing some of his favorite tunes along the way. You will also meet another Ukrainian band representing local Post-punk, Synth, and Electro. In Episode 44, it’s Skryabin, the pioneers of Ukrainian Darkwave and Synthpop from the city of Novoyavorivsk. So tune in and let’s celebrate NightWave together!

Tracks used:
Skryabin – Клей
Depeche Mode – Strangelove
Fontaines D.C. – I Love You
Agent Side Grinder – For The Young
††† (Crosses) – Protection
LOWE – Uniform Alpha

Background music:
SynthKid – Devotion

Flash FM production, 2022.

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