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NightWave – Episode 3

NightWave …and all that jazz with John Nate – Episode 3, 04.06.2021

NightWave is a radio show for you to discover the rare and the new from bands and artists encompassing the past and the present, verging on ‘when the night falls’ mood. In Episode 3, discover what Aldous Huxley and the music video for Duran Duran’s new single have in common, what the “voice” of Earth sounds like on the new Gary Numan record, the up-and-coming British party band, the retro cold wave from the Netherlands, and more.

Tracks used:
PVA – Sleek Form
Ships In The Night – Lost Times
Duran Duran – Invisible
Gary Numan – Intruder (Edit)
2000 Plus – Homewards
Null+Void feat. Dave Gahan – Where I Wait

Background music:
SynthKid – Devotion

Flash FM production, 2021.

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