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NightWave …and all that jazz – Episode 88

Looking for the ultimate soundtrack for the weekend ahead? Look no further! Tune in to Episode 88, relax, and enjoy the ride with John Nate talking and playing entirely fresh cuts from bands and artists from all across the NightWave world — Strange Futures, Aux Animaux, Ghost Cop, Bleached Heat, and Agent Side Grinder. Opening with Povod, an Experimental Post-punk band from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.

Tracks used:
Povod – Ловити суть
Agent Side Grinder – Bloodless
Bleached Heat – Nausea
Strange Futures – Come Back Harmed
Aux Animaux – Lost Souls
Ghost Cop – A Shot In The Dark

Background music:
SynthKid – Devotion

Flash FM production, 2023.

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