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NightWave …and all that jazz – Episode 86

It’s safe to say Episode 86 already hints at the reveries of summertime to come. Sure enough, the spring’s doors are barely ajar for now, but there’s something about this one that will make you wanna bask in nostalgia, tapping your foot along the way. Tune it and ride the Minimal, Dark, and Synth Waves with Casket Cassette, Magnified Desire, Plague Pits, and a few more! Opening with Cold Comfort, a Post-punk / Coldwave band from Rivne, Ukraine.

Tracks used:
Cold Comfort – Hunt With Us
Casket Cassette – Antabuse
Plague Pits – Velvet Glove
Magnified Desire – Dead Flowers
Tanks And Tears – Nightmare
Veil Of Light – Remain The Same

Background music:
SynthKid – Devotion

Flash FM production, 2023.

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