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NightWave – Episode 41

NightWave …and all that jazz with John Nate – Episode 41, 25.02.2022

Have you ever been to Manchester? Or Madchester? What’s the catch? Who was pioneering the clubby trippy sound at the end of the 80s / beginning of the 90s? What was Haçienda and why was it the place to be? In E41, John Nate plays some of the Madchester essentials, giving insights into this fleeting yet immensely impactful genre that would change the course of electronic and rock music for years to come. So tune in and rave on!

Tracks used:
New Order – Blue Monday
Happy Mondays – Rave On
The Stone Roses – Fool’s Gold
Primal Scream – Don’t Fight It, Feel It
808 State – Pacific 707

Background music:
SynthKid – Devotion

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