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NightWave …and all that jazz – Episode 79

Sometimes NightWave is about music with an edge — dark and chrome, double and sharp. In Episode 79, brace yourself for a heady fusion of Trip-hop, Darkwave, Electro, and all that jazz, and discover a diverse sonic palette of some of the most innovative bands and artists of today, including Melt Motif, Elba, Fever Ray, Emika, and Everything But The Girl. Opening with Postfactum, a Dark Electronic / Downtempo duo from Dnipro, Ukraine.

Tracks used:
Postfactum – Звір
Melt Motif – Never/again
Fever Ray – What They Call Us
Everything But The Girl – Nothing Left To Lose
Elba – I Want It All
Emika – Double Edge

Background music:
SynthKid – Devotion

Flash FM production, 2023.

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