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Miesiąc: Kwiecień 2023

Sun:Sets – Episode 432

UK dance DJ legend Nick Chicane takes his weekly audience on a journey from the beach to the dance floor using music from: Eelke Kleijn, Klur, A Man Called Adam, BT, Andrew Bayer & ilan Bluestone. Plus he plays some music from himself and this weeks Soundtrack Selection.

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NightWave …and all that jazz – Episode 91

Every time it rains, we get to seek shelter, unless we don’t mind singing in the rain, soaking wet. John Nate finds his most secure cover in music. And what about you? Beware, since in this one the rain is going to come down on you — each and every track in Episode 91 sings >>

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Sun:Sets – Episode 431

In this weeks journey from the beach to the dance floor, join Nick as he plays music from: Sister Bliss, Modera, Tontario, Leaving Laurel, Above & Beyond. Plus Chicane plays his latest world exclusive of ‘Nineteen Eighty Five ‘.

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